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We went to Halifax yesterday and I had a really good time....except for the end of the night.

Me,Jason, Bobbi Jo, her boyfriend Steven and our friend Tammy stayed at the Citadel Inn, we drank at the hotel before the bar and other people showed up at the hotel (Ken,Cory,Trevor, Tim, our friend Jamie and her brother)

Anyways, it was fun, I danced for most of the night which I haven`t done in a long long time.

It was all good untill later in the night, I was up dancing with people and someone came up to me and told me that Jason and his ex Tim were in a stall in the bathroom fucking around..so I went and took a look, when I got in the bathroom there was people bitching about two guys in a stall taking too long and who were fucking so I look and Jason and Tim were in there...they werent fucking, they were rolling a joint from what I could see but still a wave a rage came over me and that pretty much put an end to the good times. So then they came out and there was someone in the bathroom that I knew and they came up to me and told me they saw my bf come out of a stall with a guy...anyways...I don`t think anything happened but for a few minutes right after I could have killed someone I was so pissed.I know to take things people say witha grain of salt because since I`ve met Jason there is a small group of people out there who dont want us together and they are dedicated to causing trouble, I do my best to avoid them but in situation like this weekend its virtually impossible.

The issue for me still is that I don`t think its unreasonable to not like the idea of my bf in a stall with his ex not matter what they are doing, for me it was a pretty bad slap in the face that I was subjected to having to hang out with not only one of his ex`s but two of his ex`s,and then having that happen. I dont think thats really a normal thing to hang around with your bf exs and everyone I`ve talked about this has said they would not put up with it so I`m gonna pat myslef on the back and say I handled things as best as could be expected, up to that point I was hanging around with Tim more then anyone else, it was like if me and him were old friends and I don`t know to many people who would  act like that towards their bf`s ex. And I am a bit un comfortable around his ex`s which again I think is a normal response. As well I have put way more effort into talking to Tim and trying to have some sort of friendship with him then he has, untill recently he wouldn`t even make eye contact with me. After this weekend...I think there is a little more unease on my behalf when it comes to Tim even know I talked to Jason and things have been resolved and I know nothing happened

Anyways...that was my weekend..it was good for the most part and positive things did come from the bad things that happened.

Quick Update

Ok....I`m being really slack with lj!!

So a quick catch up for all you guys who are so facinated by my daily going ons.

Christmas was good...got stuff...nothing wonderfull but good overall despite it passing too fast, dogging my ``friend``Nicole Muise and being around my grand-mother who has alzeimers and thinks I live in the Northwest Territories..lol.  Another highlightwas that I got to see sdentremont

I had a week off for Christmas and the day I went back to work I caught a really bad cold that knocked me on my ass for another week so I had almost a two and half week break from work.

New Years was ok...we just went to Jason`s boss who had a party.

That pretty much sums up the last three weeks.

I hate my work again...my boss is such an asshole.

I`m comming to Halifax next weekend...we are staying at the Citadel Inn and going to Relections...Id rather stay home but it be something diffrent for a change I guess. 

Boulot est fini est c`est causiment Noel!!

Aujourd`hui c`était mon dernier de jour de travail jusqu`au 27 décembre!! C`est mon premier job ou j`ai vraiment une vaccance pour Noel..pis j`suis payé!!

Samedi moi et Jason s`en va à Par-en-bas! J`ai hâte!! En plus... mon compagnie va payer pour mon gas parce que j`vais livré des pièces pour des fenêtres a un de nos clients à Digby! C`est pas pire!!

J`ai pas grands choses à dire...tout va assez bien pis c`est NOEL!!! (Sauf qu`on a pienturé la cusine....what a pain in then ass..mais c`est fini!!)

Le 11 décembre!


T`es plus veille que moi!

Burning Church!!

So I watched a church burn down last night.

Jason and I were at his parents for supper last night and we heard on the news that a church was on fire, so as we were comming back home into Truro we could see the smoke and the orange light from the fire from way outside the town, so when we got into town, we decided to get out of the car and watch from just across the street from the fire.

I've never actually seen a burning building before, the funny thing is, it was going to be torn down anyways and condos are going to be built there. The church itself is over 100 years old, so its kinda sad. The town of Truro is really ugly I have to say, probably one of the ugliest towns in the province (the surrounding areas are nice but the town itself is not...its not like Mahone Bay,Lunenburg,Yarmouth,Annapolis Royal, etc)so its extra sad that the town lost one of its few nice buildings.

There was so much smoke it looked like fog and the smoke in the sky looked like clouds.

Ça c'est ma vie!

It seems like forever since I posted....

Things are well. Nothing exciting really happens but the slow pace is good.

Work is a little less crazy now. There are still days when it sucks but for the most part it is managable. I still haven't had any training so everything I know was self learned. I think I'm intergrating well here too, there is a group of younger people which I've been hanging around with, I play the role of the token French person (as the role of the token gay has been taken allready by someone else..lol). Its a lot like high school though with all the drama and office politics.

I only have 11 working days left untill our Christmas break, I get the 20 to the 26 off with pay. I found out that if you are with the company for a year you get a 1200$ Christmas bonus on top of the week off with pay.

Jason and I are going to Yarmouth for Christmas, which I'm really looking forward too.

Thats pretty much all I have to report for now.


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I`m Back!!

I`m back home in Truro.

My trip to Montréal was pretty low key. The highlight was getting to see Tijana. On Thursday I went to Dawson College and got to see where she works then we took the Métro and saw a movie that was playing at the Francophone Film Festival, it was called `Tout le beauté du monde`` or something to that affect. It was a love story but it was pretty good anyways. Then we went and had supper at a Polish Restaurant downtown. The waitress and Tijana were making fun of me because I didnt try any Polish food. I`ll admit...I`m not very adventurous when it comes to food....so I just had chicken. It took Adrienne like a year to convince me to try Thai food (which I now love)...and still after a more then a year I still refuse to eat at thoses Ethiopian resturants on Quinpool Rd in Halifax. I know its a fault of mine that I can be so ``close minded`` when it comes to certain things.

Other then Tijana, shopping was the only really good thing...that and being in a majority Francophone environment again....no offense to you anglophones...but your wierd!!

I didn`t take any pictures while I was there...except for a few shots from my balcony of Lac Saint-Louis.

As for work...well I didn`t get any training at all, so from a profesional level, my trip to Montréal was a failure. I did get to meet the people in the Montréal office though, everyone was a lot more nicer then over the phone or email. Everyone got a kick out of my Acadian accent....people kept asking me to say ``baleine``...lol. I say it funny apparently....that and the word ``hardes``...which means clothes in Acadian French...the receptionist really thought my French was funny, she was like...``You sound like you just came from the year 1650...not from Nova Scotia``. Which is kinda true because Acadian French in Nova Scotia to modern standard French is like Old English compared to modern North American English...I guess its a bit archaic but I hope we never loose that uniqueness.

Something really cool happened when I was bording my flight back to Halifax, I saw this guy who looked really familiar, then I saw his military backpack with the name Bourque on it, it was my cousin Denis who I havent seen since high school. It was really awesome seeing him, I grew up with him, he lived just 4 houses down from me. He is stationed at Val-Cartier near Québec City, he said he was going to be sent to Afghanistan sometime in 2007. When I arrived at the airport in Halifax all his family was there, which obviously is my family too so it was a nice welcome back to NS.

À Montréal!

I`m in Montreal right now!!! On Ave Bord du Lac in Pointe-Claire to be exact!!

I`m so tired it isn`t even funny. I got up at 4 am this morning to catch my 6:30 am flight from Halifax,I got to Mtl at 7 am local time and went right to work. It was a good day at work, I got to meet all the people in our Montréal office, I had lunch at La Belle Province, which is a really gross restaurant, it reminds me of Delux except with greasy eastern European men working behind the counter.

The company`s condo here is awsome, I wish my apartment looked like this,I`ll have pictures when I`m back in NS. I do miss home and Jason though, comming to Montréal for work isn`t as fun as comming to party,which I know goes without saying. 

I plan on going shopping tomorrow and hanging out with Tijana on Thursday, which makes the trip worth it!!

(They have President Choice beer in Québec...wtf?!)

My Cousin

There is an article in the Chronicle-Herald today about my cousin.

Apparently she is in a wheelchair with cancer. I didn't even know this. I have such a huge family its hard to keep track of everyone...especially being 450 km away from home. My dad comes from one of those French-Catholic families with a ton a kids(he has 17 siblings so I have like 52 first cousins and 78 second cousins and like 140 third cousins and thats just my dad's side). This cousin in particular is my Oncle Richard/Tante Pauline's grand-daughter...she is my second cousin but is my age