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The Canadian Press

HALIFAX -- Halifax Regional Municipality is advising residents to not swim in the harbour today.

As if anyone would with temperatures plunging below zero.

The municipality says multiple power failures in the city early in the day caused a mechanical malfunction in its sewage treatment system.

The malfunction has necessitated the temporary shutdown of the wastewater treatment facility.

Crews are trying to determine the extent of the problem.


Livejournal is so dead  lately...no one posts anything...I guess Facebook which isnt that similar is winning the war!

My life has calmed down for the most part...or the crazy has just become normal and I have become accustomed to it...I think the latter is probably more accurate.

My birthday is this weekend and there have been one or two people who have bailed on me.....boo to you! You know who you are...ahem...lol.

Birthday Countdown: 4 DAYS!

I dont wanna be 25...Im officially in my mid tweenties...even at 24 I could argue I was in my early to mid tweenties....those days are gone!


Im going crazy thanks to work. Long story short, my asshole of a boss from Montréal came to Truro, which is the headquarters of the compagnie so its weird that he is my boss as he is based in another location...anyways and said that if we dont do things his way by may 16 that he is going move all our jobs to Québec...anyways so the new guy they hired quit on Friday and Theresa who`s fiancé just had a heart attack and whos wedding is three weeks away asked for two weeks off with no pay to kinda deal with both things got fired\laid off because she asked for that time on friday too...so Friday morning I had two co workers and by friday afternoon I was all alone to run that depeartment on a day to day basis...it stresses me out....like by the moment I fall further and further behind in the work and after two days Im to the point I dont see a light at the end of the tunnel. My boss is gonna hire someone to basically do my paper\report work for me but still I have 5 fucking provinces to look after and Ottawa! This person wont even speak French...like shit...this isnt goddam Saskatchewan....last time I checked the territory I couver is like 70% francophone..what am I to expect though.. this is Truro..this town couldnt be more ``WASPY`` if it tried!

This would be bad enough under normal circumstances but I have a lot on my mind and now its just TOTALLY overwhelming...I dont know what to do....I cant take it anymore but I need a job to survive!! I have no solution to this problem which makes me miss my mom even more...its hitting me hard now that Im alone and have to survive without her help...man this sucks

Mauvaise nouvelles!!!

My mom died this morning around 4:00 am.

The wake is Tuesday from 7:00pm-9:00pm. The funeral is Wednesday at 2 pm for anyone who would like to go.
My mother has lung cancer.

Im not ready to loose her.


I`m so discouraged!!

I hate my job so much, like today our Atlantic sales Manager quit and so did one of  his salesmen. The reason why that bothers me is that the politics at my company are so out of control, like Ive never seen anything even close to how things are at my company, and these two that quit were I guess my ``allies`` for a lack of a better word. Even though Im not in the sales dept the Sales Manager that quit would help me and go to bat for me.

I just wanna get the hell out of that company. I applied for a job at the Conseil scolaire acadien provincial but I havent heard anything yet, the closing date for the job is on Wednesday so I hoping that because its a gov`t job that they need to wait for the closing date before they start interviews.

Yarmouth was good, way to expensive though. I went to the Red Knight, which is always an experience. My mom is still sick and she dont look good, she has lost a lot of weight.

Too much on my mind now!! Im so tired and this early daylight savings time thing sucks!!

À Par-en-Bas demain!

Im going home for the weekend tomorrow!! Im excited...thats it for now

Oh...and Im addicted to Facebook!

Drunken post!

Its 10:05 pm on a Monday night and  Im drunk.....its been one of those days!

Work sucks...you all know why...so I wont go into it!

I have a job interview with the NS Department of Justice tomorrow at noon...so I really shouldnt be drunk right now but I couldnt stop myself!! I love Heneiken...or however its spelled...fuck the Dutch make good beer! I went out to a bar with my friend Jill and drank and eat poutine, which is gonna kill me being lactose intolérante

My mother is sick....I think she has lung or throat cancer...she is scared to go to the doctor to get checked and Im terrified...hence the Dutch beer....she cant even talk she is coughing so much and I have this bad bad feeling about it...she is starting to loose her energy..she said she spent the day in bed...its been like a month that she has been coughing and its getting worse. I pray to God its not that....Im fucking terrified.

J`espère que tout va se régler!

Never again!

I just had lamb for for the first time in my life...I took a tiny bite and almost puked! I now know why my mother never bought it!! I don`t know how New-Zealanders eat it!


For a miltitude of reasons, the last 24 hours of my life have been fucking hell and everything is fucked up!